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Withdrawable units of MV switchgears

Our offer » Withdrawable units of MV switchgears

Widthdrawable units of Medium Voltage switchgears with vacuum circuit breakers - retrofit

Rated voltage:  12 kV
Continuous rated current:  up to 2500 A
Breaking current:  up to 40 kA



Withdrawable units of switchgears with vacuum circuit breakers for rated voltage 12 kV and continuous rated currents up to 2500 A and breaking currents up to 40 kA have been designed and implemented to production by ELMOR S.A.

Users old types of switchgears for example -type RSW 10, PREM 10, PROPEL 1, RD1, RD2, ELMOBLOK III, and other are able to make a complete modernisation - retrofit and improvement of technical quality of circuit breaker cubicles through replacement of worn out withdrawable units with oil-poor circuit breakers by new ones. New units can be equipped with modern circuit breakers of such producers as: ABB, ALSTOM/ Areva, JM-Tronik, Schneider Electric (Merlin Gerin), Siemens, Tavrida Electric.


Application of vacuum circuit breakers with much better technical-exploitation features than oil-poor circuit breakers features, especially as it concerns mechanical strength and switching capacity and equipped with spring drives charged by means of a motor gives following effects:

  • oil, compressed air and plants connected with these mediums as well, can be eliminated from switchgears,
  • safety of service is increased,
  • operational reliability is increased,
  • range and frequency of surveys , services and maintenance is decreased.

Technical parameters and equipment of the withdrawable units with vacuum circuit breakers can be adapted to all used till now switchgears for example type RSW10, PREM 10, PROPEL 1, RD1, RD2, ELMOBLOK III, and other.

Depending on necessity the units can be equipped alternatively with one or two current transformers protected with fuse elements or with three overvoltage limiters. Adjusted fastenings of circuit breakers and of connector contacts between units and of a front plate as well, assure a possibility of precise matching a movable unit to each switchgear.

Low voltage circuits of the circuit breaker and of current transformers are led to a typical plug of a 30-pole contact junction installed in a fixed part. All functions connected with control, protection and signalling are maintained without a necessity of making any changes in low voltage equipment of the switchgear.

How to order:

Order must include:

  • rated voltage, rated continuous current and breaking current,
  • parameters of a motor and of circuit breaker releases,
  • information if the withdrawable unit has to be equipped with current transformers or overvoltage limiters and a counter of re-set cycles.
Accordance with norms

Withdrawable units comply with the following norms:

  • IEC 60694:2002
  • IEC 62271-200:2007
  • IEC 62271-100:2006
Assortment of the proposed withdrawable units *
Rated voltage Continuous rated current Rated breaking short circuit current
kV A 16 kA 20 kA 25 kA 31,5 kA 40 kA **
12 800 X X X X X
1250 X X X X X
1600   X X X X
2000   X X X X
2500   X X X X

*) we also realise individual requirements for withdrawable units
**)with HVX circuit breaker (SCHNEIDER)

Dimensional drawing of example solution with EVOLIS vacuum circuit breaker


  1. Truck
  2. Support construction
  3. Interlocking mechanism
  4. Front plate
  5. Circuit breaker
  6. Circuit breaker position indicator
  7. Making spring position indicator
  8. Circuit breaker tripping mechanical counter
  9. Cut-out push-button
  10. Making spring charging lever
  1. Socket for interlocking lever
  2. Locking key mask
  3. Truck interlock indicator
  4. Moving contacts of a connector between units
  5. Rollers for hoisting of moveable partitions
  6. Limit switch cam
  7. Low voltage joint plug
  8. Service Manual
  9. Withdrawable unit rating plate
Withdrawable unit - front view Example solution with EVOLIS vacuum circuit breaker produced by Schneider